Sunday, June 26, 2016

Give Me a Sign

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  1. Dear EU. Could this could be the future of "god?" Not the genuine God with a capital G. But the small god people using for swearing, or .saying 'omg." That strikes me as the kind of god who would use spell check.

    I'm the one who signed onto Twitter so I could follow your posts. But after less than 48 hours I'm completely freaked by the number of people I don't know 'following' me. I've hardly said 50 words and boom, I hev thsi screen filled with complete strangers stalking me. And I was getting all kinds of crap with celeb news and pictures and crap all over when all I asked for was NPR and IMDB! How do you cope with this??? It's worse than Facebook! I've shut it down. I will follow you the way God, bug G, intended, via Favorites. Best Regards.